Cro-Magnons are between 30-40 thousand years old. Scientists first "met" with Cro-Magnon in 1868, when workers accidentally discovered in the cave of Cro-Magnon (France), the remains of a prehistoric man who lived, studies have shown that 28 thousand years ago. Since then, this type of people stuck the name Cro-Magnon. Cro-Magnons is practically no different from you and me - the growth and structure of the Cro-Magnon body fully in line with the growth and structure of the body of modern humans, the average brain volume is 1350 cm3.

Cro-Magnons are between 30-40 thousand years old

The median age was 30 years, in exceptional cases the Cro-Magnons lived to 50 years or more. Hunting was the main occupation. The Cro-Magnons were built quite strong and warm hut. The main weapon of Stone Age man was a spear with a stone or bone tip. Often you can find bone tips with groove for the outflow of blood from the harpoons directed back spikes ("herringbone"). Cro-Magnons in coastal villages left behind network and nets woven from wicker and served for fishing, as well as various types of fishing rods. The same period include the first stone arrowheads, bows, heavy bone clubs, bone knives, often decorated with ornamental carving. The Cro-Magnon started doing perfect skin.

Cro-Magnons made necklaces of shells, tusks of wild animals, feathers, flowers and bones, cut from the bone or made of baked clay figurines of animals and people. In the art of the Cro-Magnon cave paintings were unsurpassed. It has reached such heights that the scientists of the 19th century, opened the rock painting that left Cro-Magnons, for a long time refused to believe in what they are made of "primitive savages".

Archaeologists discovered the burial Cro-Magnons prove that they have developed a system of religious-religious ideas. The existence of the Cro-Magnon in some complex ritual and finds evidence of bowls made from human skulls. But the main proof that it is in these times has begun dialogue of man with God is the rock painting - amazing and wonderful rock paintings, made with charcoal and mineral pigments. I wonder something else: both established researchers, cave art in such places is often a multi-layer, ie prehistoric Cro-Magnons, once here, their drawings were added to those that have been made by their predecessors. That is, the Cro-Magnons different tribes living in different times, to understand the meaning of the rock art and sacred value of the place where they were. This suggests that some groups of Cro-Magnon tribes have a single system of religious beliefs. And although it is clear that the main element of the Cro-Magnons did his cult, probably the worship of certain gods of hunting, their picture of the world is still far from complete clarity. And it's not only the mystery of Cro-Magnon.