Man from Hauslabjoch

September 19, 1991 in Alps at an altitude of 3210 m was found the body of a dead man. Soon the whole world just called him Man from Hauslabjoch.

It turned out, the age of Man from Hauslabjoch was 5300 thousand years!

It turned out, the age of Man from Hauslabjoch was 5300 thousand years! It has been completely preserved body with the skin, viscera, hair, clothing and tools of the time. So, the researchers brought Man from Hauslabjoch male growth of 1.59 m, weighing during the lifetime of about 50 kg. At the time of his death he was 46 years old. Hair length Man from Hauslabjoch was up to 9 cm. The teeth were in good condition. During his life he suffered from multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis vessels. The whole wardrobe Man from Hauslabjoch was adapted for life in the mountains. On his head he wore a fur hat with two leather straps. Outerwear served as a rough coat without sleeves, reaching mid-thigh, woven from fibers of Alpine herbs. Under the cloak Man from Hauslabjoch wore a sleeveless knee-length, made of multi-colored skins. Instead of trousers he wore long gaiters, made of goat skins. From the same skins was made loincloth - unfolded its length is about one meter. She ran around the body and is passed between the legs.

From shoes Man from Hauslabjoch best to save the right shoe. The lower part of the shoe is made of fur, the top - from soft deerskin. The interior of the insulated layer of hay, fixed grid of grass fibers. Shoes tied to the leather laces.

Man from Hauslabjoch was armed with a copper ax. His handle is carved from yew. Copper blade carefully secured with a leather strap and birch tar. Analysis showed that the blade was molded in the ground flask, and then subjected to hardening in the cold. It was used for manufacturing the copper obtained from the ore. Man from Hauslabjoch had a flint knife with a sturdy ash. The knife was kept in a leather sheath attached to the belt by means of a strap. Two cylindrical "container" found near the remains were casts neatly woven of birch bark. One, who was lying next to the body was charred inside. It still remains of dry maple leaves, fir needles and moss. Obviously, this cast served for carrying embers from which Man from Hauslabjoch at any moment could inflate the fire. He had other means for extraction of fire: leather bag, in which were stored the silicon and tinder.

Perhaps some light on the mysteries of Man from Hauslabjoch analysis sheds tattoos covering his body? Tattoos on the body of Man from Hauslabjoch were made with the use of charcoal as a colorant. Figure them consists of lanes and lines. It is possible that tattoos are signs of a certain treatment, and more particularly - acupuncture.

Acupuncture experts drew attention to the scheme of distribution of tattoos on the body of Man from Hauslabjoch. It was found that patients with the same problems as that of Man from Hauslabjoch would be assigned the same regimen!

Until recently it was believed that the acupuncture system was established in China three thousand years ago. acupuncture system, used by contemporaries Man from Hauslabjoch, based on the same principles as the system of Chinese acupuncture. But now it turns out that it is known for two thousand years before the Chinese! Moreover, the tattoo clearly indicate that acupuncture era Man from Hauslabjoch was done by qualified healers.

In short, Man from Hauslabjoch has brought scientists a clue not only, but also new mysteries.