Antiuniverse antimatter

Studying nuclear physics, one can notice an interesting fact that almost all particles have their antipode - antiparticle. It's all at the micro level. And can this be at the macro level? Can there be a Antiuniverse antimatter in parallel with our universe?

Can there be a Antiuniverse antimatter in parallel with our universe?

To date, Antiuniverse - a hypothetical metagalaxy, almost entirely consisting of antimatter, located at a great distance and (or) in another space-time dimension. The appearance of it in such a large number, consisting of antiparticles from which Antiuniverse might emerge, flows directly from the theory of the Big Bang, as a result of which the amount of matter observed by us would approximately equal the amount of antimatter. Inside the galaxies from the substance, the existence of a large amount of antimatter is simply impossible: from the laws of the same nuclear physics, it quickly annihilates with particles of matter, and galaxies from antimatter at a distance are very difficult to detect, since the light they emit is no different from ordinary galactic radiation. Thus, the Antiuniverse exists only hypothetically, there is as yet no experimental evidence. However, in 1997, American scientists discovered in space a giant release of antimatter length of 3 thousand light years. "The source of this new and unexpected phenomenon is a mystery to us", said astrophysicist Williams Purcell of Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. For specialists remains a mystery - why such a huge amount of antimatter was formed in the area of the universe, where, as it was believed, it could not be. There is as yet no explanation and why the release occurred only in one direction.

Scientists put forward two hypotheses as the Antiuniverse could so show itself. One implies the explosion of a supernova in the center of this galaxy. According to the second, the cause of the ejection of antimatter should be sought in a black hole, which is located at a distance of only 300 light years from the center of the Milky Way. Anyway, but the discovery of this phenomenon increases the chances of discovering even more massive cosmic objects (stars, congestions, nebulae, galaxies) from antimatter - to discover the Antiuniverse.