Arizona crater

The fact that the space "aliens" repeatedly visited our Earth tell "traces of visits". And these tracks are known to everyone, since even in the school curriculum they have their place. The name of these tracks is meteorite craters, and the aliens, respectively, are meteorites. One such crater is the Arizona crater or the Barringer crater, located near the Devil's Canyon in the United States. The modern dimensions of the crater: diameter - 1265 m, depth - 175 m, elevation of the shaft - 40-48 m.

One such crater is the Arizona crater or the Barringer crater, located near the Devil's Canyon in the United States

It is assumed that the Arizona crater arose as a result of the fall to the Earth about 27 thousand years (according to other data - about 50 thousand years ago) a nickel meteorite measuring 61-79 m and weighing almost 2 million tons. On the account of its safety when striking about the Earth there are conflicting information. According to one version, almost all the meteorite evaporated at the time of the fall, and its fragments scattered to a distance of 10 km from the place of fall. On the other hand, the body of the meteorite seems to have been found in this area underground with the help of a drilling rig and even there have been attempts at industrial extraction of nickel.

The location of the Arizona crater has long been known to local Indians, who used metal shards of a meteorite for their own purposes. In addition, the local tribes had a huge number of legends and legends associated with this sacred place. The study of the Arizona crater by scientists began after its discovery in 1891.

But why does the crater cause such interest today? After all, the Arizona crater is far from the largest on our planet - in Antarctica on the Wilkes Island in 1962, a meteorite crater with a diameter of 241 km and a depth of 800 m was found, and in Canada on the coast of the Gudzon Bay there is a crater with a diameter of 443 km. From the 1950s to the present, numerous tourists and locals report their observations of the Arizona crater of the glow of unknown origin air and the facts of UFO hangs. According to some reports, sometimes gravimagnetic and chronal anomalies are sometimes observed in the center of the crater. The crater was used more than once for scenery for the shooting of fantastic films about the travel of earthlings to other planets, about the arrival of huge UFOs in "their secret harbor hidden from the eyes of others".