Space nebula

The distant nebulae are clusters of many millions of stars. They are a kind of island in the universe, distant from each other by enormous distances. A light year is 9600000000000 km, is used as a unit for the measurement of distances between stars. So, some of the space nebula away from us at a distance of 350000000 light years! It is 3360000000000000000000 km! It captures the spirit of such numbers! But, this is not an empty fiction!

So, some of the space nebula away from us at a distance of 350000000 light years

Now we come to a remarkable discovery. This discovery made the American astronomer Hubble. He found that the lines in the spectrum of any nebula shifted toward the red. The most reasonable explanation for this can only be that of the nebula at high speed away from each other. As a result of this movement there is the Doppler effect. Furthermore, the removal rate depends on the distance. The farther away the nebula, the faster it moves. The velocity reaches incredible values. Nebula, located at a distance of 10 million light-years away, have a speed of about 1600 km/s. Nebula at a distance of 100 million light-years away, moving at a rate 10 times higher, 16000 km/s. Finally, nebulae, distant from us at 350 million light years away, cut through the darkness of the universe at a speed of 56000 km/s! It all seems rather unusual for two reasons. The first and most important reason is the fact that all the nebulae disperse. None of them does not move toward us. The second surprising fact is that the removal rate increases with increasing distance. This rate is directly proportional to the distance.