"Artillery installation" in nature

Living beings have at their disposal sometimes quite entertaining organs for defense and offense. "Artillery installation" found in nature very often. For example, a truly amazing creation lives in the jungles of South America. At first glance, unremarkable small beetle as one centimeter, referred to herein as brahinus. However, the nearest acquaintance with him has caused a sensation.

Artillery installation found in nature very often. For example, a truly amazing creation lives in the jungles of South America

The fact that this beetle is not defenseless. Nature has armed its powerful... "artillery installation". Defending himself against enemies, mainly birds, he shoots forward in a jet of boiling liquid with a temperature of 1000 C. As shown scientists, this fluid is produced due to a beetle body in the chemical reaction between the liquids, which are stored in two special chambers. These liquids are mixed in the third chamber, where they are fed through separate channels. During hazard muscular valve is compressed and "shoots" a hot liquid. Stunned and baked bird will remember it for a lifetime. Brahinus is the only one among the known creatures that can produce in its body such a high temperature liquid. It remains an open question how the beetle's body can withstand it?

Very effective "artillery installation" in nature has another creature. This cancer discovered in one of the areas of South America. It is called the cancer-gunner, because it deters enemies scalding liquid. But his "artillery installation" has other technological features. His biological bomb is a poisonous liquid, which after release in contact with the air is heated to a temperature of 1000 C. When such a "bomb" falls into the enemy, then it kills him with boiling water.

Snail dolium is another "artillery installation" in nature. This snail lives in the tropics and shoots in enemy chlorosulfonic acid. The effectiveness of this "weapon" indicates that this acid erodes the stones. In humans, this acid causes serious skin lesions.

Deters "weapon" has one of the species of marine petrels nesting on small islands of the South Atlantic Ocean. When sitting on the nest the female is exposed to enemy attack, she shoots a jet of liquid, which was formed in her craw. It's sticky, resembling the smell of skunk liquid. If this jet lands on the wings, the enemy instantly glued feathers. He is deprived of the opportunity to fly for a while.

Precision "artillery installation" has fish playa-sua. It is found in the mouths of the rivers of Malaysia. It feels great in both fresh and salt water. Well it adapts to life in the aquarium where it is kept separate from other fish. Its "weapon" is the ordinary water in which it swims. When up the water is flying insect, it releases with sniper accuracy strong jet. Knocking his victim in the water, she swallows it. This fish has an enviable appetite and accurately striking the prey at a distance of one and a half meters.