Since the childhood many times it was necessary to hear the name of a miracle-tree baobab which grows somewhere in Africa. But what kind of tree is this, and what is its uniqueness known by far from all. It turns out that among the wonders of the vegetable world of tropical Africa, one of the main places belongs to this wonderful tree of baobab. It grows on this continent in the zone of hot savannah - tropical forest-steppe, where a year usually consists of only two months, replacing each other for many months - hot and dry rainy hot. Perhaps, there are few plants in Africa that use such love from the local population as a baobab. This unique tree can not be confused with any other. The circumference of individual specimens exceeds 10 m.

Since the childhood many times it was necessary to hear the name of a miracle-tree baobab which grows somewhere in Africa

Surprising and unusual life force of baobab. Unlike most trees, it does not die when a bark is torn from it - it grows again. The baobab does not die even when it falls to the ground. If even one of its roots keeps contact with the soil, the baobab will continue to grow even lying down.

Usually baobabs are not very high, but in real savannas of Africa, sometimes real giants are found. For example, in the statistics a baobab tree 189 m high with a trunk diameter of 43,5 m was fixed! Baobabs are even with a barrel girth of 50 m and more.

Often in the trunks of these "green fat men" are formed huge hollows. So, another outstanding English traveler David Livingston wrote that he saw how 20-30 people slept sweetly... in the hollow of a dried-up barrel of a baobab, and no one disturbed anyone.

In the Republic of Kenya, on the Nairobi-Mobasa highway, there is a baobab refuge. The hollow in it is equipped with doors and a window. In the Republic of Zimbabwe in the hollow of a tree equipped... bus station, in the waiting room which seats up to 40 people. Near the village of Kasane in the Republic of Botswana grows a baobab, the hollow of which was used as... a prison.

In Namibia, there is a baobab, in the hollow of which is... a bath.

Baobab is a universal tree. Its fruits, reminiscent of large cucumbers, are distinguished by excellent taste and contain many vitamins, and in terms of nutrition they are equated to veal. They are quickly absorbed by the body and relieve fatigue. In addition to people, they are very fond of monkeys, who willingly live among the lush foliage of baobabs, for which the latter are called "monkey trees".

Smoke from burning the dry interior of the fetus drives away mosquitoes and other annoying insects.

The fruit seed is edible in raw form, and from fried and chopped boiled coffee. From the ashes of the burnt fruit, they make soap and, most importantly, butter, on which you can fry.

Powder prepared from the baobab fruit, women of East Africa wash their heads, and red juice, which contain its roots, color their faces.

From the leaves of the tree baobab prepare a delicious salad, soup is cooked, and young shoots are cooked asparagus.

The flower dust of the baobab tree is used to make the glue, and from the ash of the baobab bark they receive rather effective medicines against colds, fevers, dysentery, cardiovascular diseases, asthma, toothache, insect bites.

Here it is a wonder-tree baobab, lonely rising its dense crown over the grassy expanses of the African savannah.