The chandelier tree

The chandelier tree is a close relative of milkweed. There are more than 1600 species of milkweed. The chandelier tree, though it reaches large size, but is not a tree. Its name, this plant has received through branched stem that resembles a chandelier.

The chandelier tree is a close relative of milkweed

This plant can be found in central and eastern Africa. The chandelier tree can reach 20 meters in height.

The chandelier tree is a succulent, as many cacti. Therefore, it keeps moisture in its fleshy stem. To happened less evaporation of the water, its leaves are turned into sharp spikes.

The chandelier tree is well known to the local population. Since ancient times, people enclose their villages with help living fences of these plants. If the enemy attacked, the defenders let out arrows so that they first penetrated the chandelier tree. After that they became deadly arrows. In our time, local hunters use the chandelier tree wood for the manufacture of from its juice a poison, which lubricates arrowheads.

During the Italian-Abyssinian war, the italian battalion was on his way through the thicket of bushes the chandelier tree. In the morning the soldiers were blind. That was incredible.

Despite its toxicity, the chandelier tree since ancient times has been used in traditional medicine of indigenous peoples. Its juice mixed with honey used as a laxative. A balsam, in which includ the juice of milkweed, used to treat leprosy.