The eulahon

The eulahon is found along the Pacific coast of North America. This is a small, up to 30 cm fish that resembles the baltic smelt, but it is much fatter. The Indians used the eulahon to illuminate their wigwams. To this end, through the dried fish stretched the oppression. The eulahon fastened vertically and produced arson tip of the oppression. The oppression burned slowly even not flashing flame, no smoke, illuminating all around bright lights.

The eulahon is found along the Pacific coast of North America

In the age of electricity, eulahons are not used as candles, but the fat of the fish is widely used in medicine. It is much more pleasant to the usual fish derived from cod liver. An important advantage of this fish is that its fishing is not difficult.

The eulahon, like all salmon, lives in the sea, spawns in freshwater rivers. Before long road these fish accumulate a lot of fat. At one time, these fatty fish was just destroyed, but thanks to the care of the Indians, these fish have taken under protection.

The eulahon often kept in aquariums as a decorative fish. It is brown top and white bottom.

For the content of fat, eulahon significantly inferior to Baikal fish golomyanka. Local fishermen use even its fat for frying other fish. The golomyanka so transparent that the printed text can be read through it.