Magnetic field

The increased interest in the effects of magnetic fields on living organisms during the past years. The magnetic field is applied in medical diagnosis and to change the properties of medicines. In addition, animal studies provide new and effective means of physical therapy.

The magnetic field is applied in medical diagnosis and to change the properties of medicines

The magnetic field acts directly on the body. In this case, the blood becomes magnetized solution. Sodium ions enter the cavity of the carcass of water that is a dispersion medium of blood plasma. This solution will dissolve deposits on vessel walls. Blood vessels become more bandwidth. It increases blood flow and decreases blood pressure. The magnetic field improves metabolic processes in the body and improves its resistance. The great doctors of the past centuries, Hippocrates, Avicenna, Paracelsus used a simple magnetic field of the magnet to treat many diseases. But in fact they only strengthened the protective reaction of the organism.

Now the magnetic field are widely used in medicine. Think of the change of the pharmacological action of drugs tests when applied magnetic field. We investigated the action of drugs prepared on the treated water. In addition, the effect of magnetic treatment investigated already prepared solutions. The most clear-cut dependence obtained with substances which are toxic in high concentrations of solutions. Handling of highly concentrated solutions enhances the toxicity of these substances, and treatment solutions of low concentrations, on the contrary, it weakens. Also it reduces the toxicity of drugs magnetic treatment of the cooled solution. Explanations of these interesting facts yet.

Interesting studies were conducted on animals. Experiments on rabbits have shown that the magnetic field contributes to the successful healing of wounds. And what if you apply a magnetic field to a perfectly healthy animal? The results of this work showed the increase by weight in laboratory animals.