Magnetized water

Magnetized water is an affordable way to increase productivity. When watering magnetized water plants develop better, earlier bloom, mature earlier, less sick. Craftsmen are themselves modes of magnetic treatment of irrigation water. These modes depend on the type of plant, soil properties, the type of fertilizer, weather.

Magnetized water is an affordable way to increase productivity

To meet the needs of gardeners industry produces some devices. Often they are a ring through which the water must flow magnetized. The value of the magnetic induction in such devices is 0,1 tesla, and the mass of no more than 0,5 kg.

Magnetized water is recommended for the treatment of seeds. seeds appear dry, they contain water inside. Wet the seeds are dried (necessarily at temperatures below 100 degrees Celsius). The magnetized water in this case is obtained by using permanent magnets having a surface close to the induction of 0,1 tesla. Here processing modes are selected empirically, and the exposure time of a few seconds.

Magnetized water is also used for plant nutrition. The treated water dissolved mineral fertilizers, which scatter in the garden. Apparently, such water will dissolve useful plant fertilizer component. Besides, after rapidly dissolve watering other nutrients contained in the soil. Through this, plants assimilate them to a greater extent. The most significant results are achieved for vegetables that require repeated waterings. Thus, magnetized water acts on them any longer.