Memory of water

What is the memory of water? It began in one of the private laboratories in Germany. The technician accidentally dropped into a vessel with distilled water, sealed ampule with a potent poison, and the water took deadly poison properties, not touching it. Later, scientists have shown that even after the chemical treatment of water memory stores information about all the materials that were in it, in the form of electromagnetic waves, and these variations may be beneficial or toxic for any organism.

What is the memory of water?

Water - is the most common substance on earth. Nevertheless, we can say that the water storage is not yet fully understood. But at the turn of the 21st century, the memory of water was solved. It was found that the water supermolecules consists of so-called clusters or cells. This structure is changed, if the water influence in different ways: chemical, electromagnetic, mechanical. Under these influences its molecules are able to change and thus to memorize any information. Memory allows water to absorb, store, and share data with the environment that brings light, thought, music, prayer or a simple word. Just as every living cell keeps the information about all the living body, the memory of water each cell is capable of storing in the information about all of our planetary system. Water memory consists of cells, each of which represents a minimum computer. If so, the person, consisting essentially of water, is a programmable system. Any external factors, including people communicate with each other, changing the structure and biochemical composition of body fluids. This occurs at the cellular level, even the programmed DNA molecule up to its full destruction. The program is based on the molecular level, it lies in the memory of the water and the water computer for every human body is different. The question is whether we are working through the memory of water at each other their thoughts, words, feelings such as envy, or love? Are we able to program themselves and others? Of course, scientists have confirmed that!

The spiritual world manifested in the material world is quite specific. Japanese scientist, Dr. A. Massaro freezes droplets of water and then studied them under a powerful microscope, having a built-in camera. His work has demonstrated the difference in the molecular structure of water in its interaction with the environment. This method made it possible to show how the human energy vibrations, thoughts, words, ideas and music, affect the memory of water. Getting beautiful snowflakes of different shapes after "listening" water of Mozart, Schubert and Beethoven - is another example of what the various factors that affect the memory of water, change its structure so that the crystallization occurs with the other phase trajectory.

When we think, the structure of the liquid that we drink at the same time for these thoughts adjusted. Do not drink anything with bad thoughts - this will only make things worse. Spiritually educated person always remembers. There is the memory of water, which communicates with the entire universe, and it has a very important message for mankind. It invites us to look deeper into ourselves.