Sweeter than sugar...

Can plants be sweeter than sugar?.. It turns out, yes. In this case, even chemistry can not do anything. It was supplied us the sweet substance - saccharin, which is 300 times sweeter than regular sugar. However, recently discovered plant, the fruit of which is much sweeter than sugar and, even saccharine.

Can plants be sweeter than sugar?..

Take, for example, unusual plant, which is in savannas of the South American country of Paraguay. This shrub stevia, the leaves of which contains a substance resembling saccharin. It is more than 300 times sweeter than sugar. This plant has already started a successful march through the fields of Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and Laos. In Europe, where stevia was brought at the beginning of the last century, it is cultivated intensively. Extract made from stevia, can be, for example, sweetened confectionery products for diabetics.

Scholars of great interest in recent years is the so-called, sugar grass, growing in Central America, mainly in Mexico. From the leaves and flowers isolated sweet oily liquid, which, as it turned out, is 1000 times sweeter than sugar. In honor of this plant opened in 1570 the Spanish physician Francisco Hernandez, isolate substance named ernandultsinom. Especially valuable is the fact that, unlike natural sugar is completely harmless substance for diabetics.

Under the scorching sun in the African savannah growing herbaceous plant with large leaves with the Latin name - toumatokus dannely. Talin special substance, which is in its red berries, 2000 times sweeter than sugar.

Champion among the sweetest plant is a shrub ketemf, which grows in the tropical forests of West Africa. Scientists have identified him from the sweetest substance in the world toumatin. It is sweeter than sugar of 100000 times! This material will be sweet, if toumatin dissolved in 10 g of water per one ton!

There are plants that can not be sweet as sugar but will affect the taste of human. Interesting shrub sinsepalum dultsifikum grows in the tropical forests of West Africa. Its fruits have amazing property. If you eat before eating some of its fruit, your taste will soon be miracles: a sour lemon seem sweeter than orange, and sugar bitter. This effect lasts for about an hour, and sometimes more, depending on the amount of fruit eaten. The local population of Zaire Ghana to use its fruits to sweeten sour palm wine. It is interesting that such action on the plants is on the south of Tajikistan and China. It is a tree ziziphus, also known as Chinese date. Red-brown ziziphus fruits of 34 cm in length containing up to 30% sucrose, 3,5% protein, 4% fat and 2,5% acid. Of these, prepare compote, jam, candy. Keep in dried form. It has long been used in folk medicine for hypertension, asthma.