The carbon dioxide

In Italy, near Naples, is the "cave of dogs". Adults may be in it very long However, dogs and other animals there suffocate and die. A fault is in the carbon dioxide.

The carbon dioxide is heavier and accumulates at the bottom of the cave in a layer 80-100 cm thick

The carbon dioxide is heavier and accumulates at the bottom of the cave in a layer 80-100 cm thick, standing out from the volcanic soil areas. Therefore, the animals are killed in a cave.

Often, the carbon dioxide is collected in wells, standing out from the underground water and the ground. Therefore, before descending into the wells a men to clean or fix it, it is imperative to check if there is excess carbon dioxide. To this end, a lighted candle is lowered into the well. If it goes out, that without insulating gas mask or oxygen apparatus can not descend into the wells.

Hikers and tourists who go to the mountains, to remember that the tent should be put so that the entrance to it was turned to the foot of the mountain. It is necessary that the carbon dioxide free "expire" while breathing. If the entrance to the tent to turn to the top of the mountain, exhaled carbon dioxide to quickly fill the tent and during sleep can suffocate.

The concentration of the carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere is an average of 0,0395%. The carbon dioxide passes easily ultraviolet rays and visible spectrum. At the same time it absorbs the infrared rays emitted by the Earth and is one of the greenhouse gases. Consequently, it takes part in the process of global warming.

At atmospheric pressure, the carbon dioxide does not exist in a liquid state, passing directly from solid to the gaseous state. The solid carbon dioxide is called dry ice.

By chemical properties of the carbon dioxide refers to acidic oxides. When it dissolved in the water to form carbonic acid. The carbon dioxide reacts with alkalis to form carbonates and bicarbonates.