Fireworks with H2SO4 and KMnO4

Experience - Fireworks with H2SO4 and KMnO4. In a small cylinder (250 ml), pour 50 ml of concentrated H2SO4. Carefully along the wall of the cylinder (so that the liquids do not mix) pour the same volume of wine alcohol from above. KMnO4 crystals are poured into the liquid in small portions. On the border of sulfate acid with alcohol flashes with a bang of lights like fireworks - this deals with alcohol from the strong oxidants HMnO4 and Mn2O7, which are obtained due to the reaction between KMnO4 and concentrated H2SO4.

Experience is fireworks with H2SO4 and KMnO4

The appearance of fireworks is due to the fact that when contacting sulfuric acid on the surface of the crystals of the salt, manganese anhydride Mn2O7 is formed, which is the strongest oxidizer that ignites a small amount of alcohol:

2KMnO4 + H2SO4 = Mn2O7 + K2SO4 + H2O.

Mn2O7 is a greenish-brown liquid, unstable and, when in contact with combustible substances, ignites them.