Potassium nitrate solution

In a liter flask we prepare a saturated potassium nitrate solution in hot water. Before demonstration, heat this solution. We will demonstrate a transparent hot solution of potassium nitrate. We lower the flask with the solution in the snow. A few minutes later, we show off crystals in the form of large potash needles saltpeter.

In a liter flask we prepare a saturated potassium nitrate solution in hot water

KNO3 - potassium nitrate is a colorless substance, non-volatile, slightly hygroscopic, odorless. A solution of potassium nitrate is easy to obtain in water, it is practically non-toxic to living organisms. Occurs in nature in the form of a mineral nitrate, in the East Indies there is one of the largest deposits, hence the second name - Indian saltpeter. In very small quantities, potassium nitrate is found in plants and animals.

Potassium nitrate decomposes at 400-5200 C with the formation of potassium nitrate KNO2 and oxygen O2. In addition, it is a strong oxidizer, reacts with combustible materials and reducing agents, when grinding is active and often with an explosion.

The melt of potassium nitrate can be used to produce potassium by electrolysis, however, because of the high oxidizing ability of potassium nitrate in this state, potassium hydroxide is preferable. The main application of potassium nitrate is as a valuable fertilizer. It is indispensable in the manufacture of smoky powder and some other compounds, for example, caramel rocket fuel, which almost completely go to the production of pyrotechnics.