Space technology

The thought of Tsiolkovsky about the settlement of people around the sun, when it seemed too fantastic. But the man left his cradle - the Earth long ago and took the first step to create a cosmic civilization, which, above all, needs materials. In space, metals, acids, alkalis, oxidants will be needed. They will have to be cooked differently than on Earth, but by special technology. Therefore, the problem of space exploration forces us to develop new areas of science and technology - space technologies.

What space technologies to use to build, for example, houses on the Moon, or on Mars?

What space technologies to use to build, for example, houses on the Moon, or on Mars? What to take with you, and what to synthesize in space - all these issues need to be solved now.

In the open space of raw materials, as if, no. However, if you really think about it, a rather real way of mining is to capture those minute amounts of gaseous substances and cosmic dust that are near the planets. After all, the size of the traps can be practically unlimited. In addition, hundreds of spacecraft that have served their time around now are spinning around the Earth. In the future, they will become even more. We must assume that the collection of space scrap and its processing will play a significant role in the future.

The composition of the surface of the Moon is now well known. Silicon, iron, titanium and many other elements of the lunar station will be provided. You can also get oxygen, separating it from the silicates in which it is contained. True, hydrogen, nitrogen, halogens and some other elements on the Moon, probably will have to be delivered from Earth. Hydrogen is best transported in the form of a liquid or solid compound, from which it would easily be released. There are many such hydrogen compounds. One has only to think about which of them is most suitable and how it will have to be recycled. The same applies to nitrogen.

How to choose such connections for transportation from the Earth into space of missing chemical elements? They should be sought among the simplest inorganic compounds with a low molecular weight, it is in such compounds that the content of the individual elements is particularly high. Of course, space technologies must provide simple ways of processing them. In this respect, even the well-known compounds in the school are almost completely unknown.

Undoubtedly, chemical space technologies must differ from terrestrial processes and devices in which they will flow. Of course, the effect of weightlessness in outer space will be greatly affected, which will interfere, or reduce gravity on the Moon, Mars, asteroids, satellites of Jupiter, Saturn. A lot of chemical technology devices used now - rectification columns, extractors, ball mills and other devices - will cease to function at all.

Chemical space technologies should be started on Earth. But to create weightlessness on Earth is very difficult, but you can increase the gravity with a centrifuge. And then extrapolate the results of the process to zero gravity and determine what will happen in space.

Space technologies should be given the greatest attention to the problems of corrosion of equipment and waste. Typically, the cycle should be closed, with no waste.