The mercury

The spilled mercury begins to evaporate slowly. The mercury vapor begins a detrimental effect on living organisms. As a result, gradually developing serious chronic poisoning. Crumble and teeth fall out, the hair falls out, a person wither. The process of action is very similar to the deadly disease tuberculosis.

The spilled mercury begins to evaporate slowly. The mercury vapor begins a detrimental effect on living organisms

When liquid mercury is spilled on the table or floor, it should be carefully collected and neutralized. The mercury in the form of large droplets are collected on a piece of paper, the mercury in the form of small droplets collect with small copper twig. With the copper the mercury constitutes a amalgam. Better yet, collect the mercury drops a metal rod, a pre-cooled "dry ice". Then the mercury freezes to the cold metal. Mercury, which is rolled in the gap, neutralized chemically. To do this, all the cracks of the table or the floor is filled with sulfur, and even better pour a concentrated solution of FeCl3:

Hg + S = HgS; 2Hg + 2FeCl3 = Hg2Cl2 + 2FeCl2.

The mercury has been known since ancient times. Often found in its native form in the form of drops. The mercury is a relatively rare element in the earth's crust. Average her concentration is 0,083 mg/kg. The mercury ores can be very concentrated as compared with conventional rock.

The ancient Greeks and Romans used mercury to clean gold (amalgamation). Besides, they knew about the toxicity of its compounds such as mercuric chloride. Alchemists thought of mercury the main component of all metals. They believed that if the sulfur assistance or liquid mercury, arsenic hardness return, you get a gold.

To represent the element mercury is used the symbol of the planet Mercury. Belonging to the metals it has been proved by Lomonosov and Brown, who in December 1759 could freeze mercury. They established its metallic properties of malleability and conductivity.

The mercury is a less active metal. It is insoluble in acid solutions, which have no oxidizing properties. However, the mercury is dissolved in aqua regia.

Get mercury with help a roasting cinnabar (mercury sulfate (2)) or metallothermic method:

HgS + O2 = Hg + SO2

HgS + Fe = FeS + Hg