How can I freeze water?

How can I freeze water? Freeze water in the following way. We will weigh 520 g of snow and measure the beaker with 130-140 ml of concentrated sulfuric acid. We mix them in a beaker, then place in a glass with a mixture of a test tube into which 2-3 ml of water will be poured. After a few minutes, watching the water, we will see that it is frozen.

How can I freeze water? Freeze water in the following way

The temperature drops in the mixture can be demonstrated with a thermoscope. During mixing with sulfuric acid, snow melts and at the same time so much heat is absorbed that the temperature in the mixture drops to -37 degrees Celsius.

In addition to this method, there are still some secrets about how to freeze water. When the water temperature becomes not far from zero degrees, just throw a couple of grains in the water container table salt. These few grains just help the process of water crystallization.

There is such a substance as ammonium nitrate or ammonium nitrate, which dissolves almost all heat. By the way, this substance is often used as a nitrogen fertilizer in agriculture. If you need ice not for eating, add ammonium nitrate to a container of water and mix everything. Then put the container in the freezer. In a couple of minutes, the ice will be ready. That's so fast you can freeze the water!