Work on a computer takes the form of human-computer dialogue. Man looks at the information on the computer screen, indicating it with the mouse, clicks the button, command dials, introduces words, numbers and phrases. In response, the computer displays its information: messages, menu screen, diagrams, drawings, calculations and results of data processing.

Work on a computer takes the form of human-computer dialogue

Computer work is based on the use of programs. Computer programs are a form of presentation of data and commands. They are intended to produce certain results or method of functioning of the computer.

The set of programs determines the diversity of their applications for this type of computer. On personal computers are used most games, text editors, databases, information systems, spreadsheets, programming systems.

Chief among the programs on the computer is the operating system that is permanently stored in non-volatile memory. Computer work begins with loading the operating system and all other programs run through the operating system.

The operating system is the main program, the control of computer operation in general. On personal computers such as IBM PC used mainly MS DOS and Windows operating systems. In the Macintosh personal computer OS used OS/X system.

Operating system MS DOS this is the easiest operating system for the computer IBM PC. It is used in all the junior models IBM PC computers and can be used on all older models of computers.

Operating system: Windows is the most modern and user-friendly operating system for older models of IBM PC computers. This system can only be used on computers older models with more RAM and 2 MB of hard disk space at least 80 MB.

The main objects of all operating systems in the computer are files, programs and catalogs. All programs in the computer are represented as separate files or sets of files, which are stored in a specific directory.

Files - a sequence of records in the machine's memory media. All data and a computer program stored as a file or sets of files. All files in the computer memory have unique names.

A collection of files in the computer memory are combined in the form of directories and subdirectories. Each directory has its own unique name. Subdirectory name is derived from its own name and the name of the directory in which it is located.

The MS DOS operating systems and Windows file names are formed from the letters and numbers with the addition of three-letter endings after the point.

Works with any operating system comes down to work on the directory files and programs. This work consists in watching the directories and sub-directories, copying files and running of the programs on a computer.

In any modern operating system to work with computers is mainly using management programs and files. This program allows a person in a dialogue with a computer program to view and file directories in the external memory.

Running programs on personal computers is usually carried out by moving the cursor on the screen using the arrow keys or the mouse on the program name in the directory, which is subject to execution. After that you need to press the enter key Enter on the keyboard or a button on a mouse.

To overwrite the programs and files you need to identify the directory where they are written. Next point or create the directory where they need to be rewritten. Then specify a command "record" and press the Enter or button on the mouse.

Computer Viruses a special program. These programs can damage or destroy the programs and files that are stored in computer memory. The most dangerous viruses can damage or destroy all information in the computer and make the computer unusable.

For reliable operation of your computer and prevent loss of data on disks, follow these rules of "computer hygiene": when entering foreign disks in your PC first time, check them for viruses; after working on someone else's computer immediately check your drives for viruses; do not open files that you receive in the mail, without checking them for viruses; do not start the program, obtained over the Internet, without checking them for viruses.