A new phenomenon in the life of society was the creation of the global Internet community. This computer network for many people has become a means of promptly receiving a variety of information.

This computer network for many people has become a means of promptly receiving a variety of information

Computer networks - a combination of computers, where each computer can transmit data to any other computer connected to the network.

Information Resources - a collection of documents in archives, libraries, collections, data banks and other information systems. Computer networks can provide access to information resources that are stored in the computer, with other personal computers that are connected to the network.

As the number of networks connecting computers are divided into local, corporate, regional and global.

Local area networks - a network linking the computers in one or several neighboring buildings. Examples of local networks are educational computer rooms in schools, universities, offices and laboratories.

The leading role is played by servers in the organization of computer systems and networks. Servers - are powerful computers with large disk storage, which are used to store files and programs. Servers used for the accumulation and transfer of publicly available information in computer networks and operate 24 hours a day.

Regional Area Networks connect computers within a certain region (banks, corporations).

Modems - the communication device is a computer with other computers using a communication channel. It is the main characteristic of modem data rate.

Global network connects computers located in different countries on different continents of the world (international computer network Internet).

Network program - a program to gain access to information, information resources and information systems. Examples of such programs include, for example, Internet Explorer company Microsoft.

Digital libraries are organized on the Internet by using hypertext. In the form of hypertext can store a variety of documents, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, price lists, as well as all kinds of information and information retrieval systems and network programs.

Hypertext - a collection of pages with text, images and links to other pages. Reference may be made to pages of a hypertext, and on any other hypertext page stored in the computer.

E-mail - it is a method of transmitting messages via personal computers and telecommunications.

To find information on the Internet uses multiple information retrieval systems. Finding information on the Internet is available on request. Simple queries consist of one or more words.