Search engines

To find information on the Internet, there are search engines.

To find information on the Internet, there are search engines

Domestic search engines spend searching for information with Russian texts on request in Russian. Among the best known international search Alta Vista system, Infoseek and Yahoo, Google. They allow you to express queries and conduct search for information not only in English but also in Russian and in other languages of the world: - search engine Alta Vista system, - search engine Yahoo, - search engine Infoseek.

Finding information on the Internet search engines on request. However, some additional information to allow you to search by thematic catalogs, as is done in conventional libraries.

Requests for information search on the Internet can consist of one or several words in Russian or English.

Answers to questions - links to the sites and hypertext, which contain these keywords, as well as annotations, which are synthesized by the search engines.

In order to effectively search for information in a query you want to use frequently used words, which are given in specialized dictionaries, reference books, encyclopedias. For the preparation of complex queries domestic search engines allow the use of logical connectives "AND", "OR" and "NOT". In English, they correspond ligament "AND", "OR", "NOT". Regardless of the language bundle designation "AND" ( "the AND") is the ampersand &, for the "OR" ligament ( "the OR") vertical bar |, and for a bunch of "NO" ( "the NOT"), a minus sign (-). Using "and" means that hypertext should contain all these terms (words or phrases in brackets). Lack of connections between words in your query is equivalent to the conjunction "and". Using ligament "OR" means that hypertext should be present at least one of said terms. And the use of the logical connective "NO" means that this term must be absent in the hypertext of search engines. To the end of the words had no effect on information search results, search engines use an asterisk "*" and question mark "?" to set patterns. The question mark in the template "information?" means that in place of the mark may be any letter and asterisk "Info*" means that at this point may be any number of characters.

Examples of complex queries of search engines:

query: Tutorial & Informatics,

request: Informatics (Sidirov | Jobs).