Devil's island

In 1502 Spanish navigator Bermudez discovered among the Atlantic Ocean a small cluster of uninhabited islands surrounded by reefs and shoals. Going round the devil's Island, so they called Bermudez, he left the archipelago.

Going round the devil's island, so they called Bermudez, he left the archipelago

Over time, the Devil Island became the first cause of their settlement. In 1609, there happened shipwrecked English ship that sailed to America with a group of European settlers. After a disaster, people from the ship were forced to occupy the island of the devil. Captain George Somers became the first governor of the islands.

To the great surprise of the colonists, the devil appeared to be very fertile island and oceanic climate - mild and healthy, which is not consistent with the title overcast archipelago. Therefore, after some time the first name has been replaced by the name of explorer Bermudez, who opened the Devil's Island.

Today, the island of the devil so called due to the fact that in some people the word Bermuda emerge and crawl to the Bermuda Triangle Association. However, this name is quite fair. Because these islands consist of many coral reefs, and walking ships here is really dangerous stunt. Many ships landed on the reefs of these islands to this day quietly resting on the bottom.

Devil's Island - Bermuda composed of coral formations, formed on top of an extinct volcano. The composition of Bermuda consists of 150 islands and reefs, of which 20 inhabited and 10 are connected by bridges and overpasses, and form the main island - Mayne Island. Archipelago abounds in small sand and coral islands, reefs and lagoons.

Islands devil justified its name one more circumstance. The only source of fresh water are tropical rains. Rivers and streams on the islands there, as rain water is quickly absorbed into the porous limestone. There are a number of small reservoirs, located at sea level and filled with seawater or brackish water. Work desalination plants, desalination but not cheap, and the local population collects rainwater. For this roof houses designed in a special way in order to guide the water into the tank under the house.

The climate is humid subtropical Bermuda. He is the main factor determining the specialization of the local economy on the tourism business.