Egyptian papyrus

In 1965, an Australian researcher Doug Seaton in the mountains of Australia's south-eastern part of the peninsula York found real art gallery. Among the many rock carvings most attention of scientists predisposed the plants, which are very reminiscent of Egyptian papyrus.

Over time, the first image Egyptian papyrus found in other areas of Australia

Over time, the first image Egyptian papyrus found in other areas of Australia. It turns out that the Egyptian papyrus grows in some areas of Southern and Eastern Australia. Nobody, meanwhile, does not know when the Egyptian papyrus appeared in this part of the world.

Egyptian papyrus is writing material in ancient times, common in Egypt, and later - on the whole space of the ancient world. For its production used by wetland plants. In Egyptian iconography the image of papyrus, which grows along the banks of the Nile, are found from the beginning of the 3rd millennium BC. This plant in ancient times was a symbol of Lower Egypt, and later - for the Greeks and Romans - and Egypt as a whole.

In Egypt, preserved ancient documents proving the existence and functioning of the papyrus plantations in the 1st century BC. All these documents come from Alexandria - the largest in the ancient center of production and export of Egyptian papyrus - they were wrapped mummy of their owner. The owner of the plantation - a citizen of Alexandria - handed plots papyrus thickets rent for three years.

Prices for Egyptian papyrus were quite high throughout antiquity. In the Hellenistic period the price of papyrus even more increased. Thus, parchment then cheaper cost. Papyrus, as the main writing material, was finally expelled, when the production of books began to be used parchment. Merovingian office only after 670 years passed on parchment. Papyrus papal office used until the 11th century.

There are other "Australian" puzzles, for example, find in the peninsula York bronze coins of the time of the fourth Ptolemy, who ruled Egypt from 221 to 204 BC. Is this not evidence of swimming to the coast of Australia some ancient mariners for many years before its official opening?