The mummy

There is a very interesting puzzle associated with Australia.

The mummy is well preserved

In February 1964, in the valley of the Jordan was found the mummy some woman buried somewhere in the late 10th century. The mummy is well preserved. Imagine that scientists were surprised when the analysis showed that the mummy is preserved by... eucalyptus oil! Yes, eucalyptus oil! It is known that a single region which in those days could be delivered eucalyptus oil, has been Australia, which was opened... only in the 17th century.

Eucalyptus oil is essential oil that is obtained by distillation with water leaves of various species of eucalyptus. The main part of the species native to the forests of Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania, several species found in New Guinea and Indonesia; one species is found in the Philippines. Only 15 species grow outside Australia, and only nine did not come from Australia. Today in medicine eucalyptus oil is used in the composition of medicinal products in the treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases of the pharynx and upper respiratory tract. Interestingly, the ancient healers, the work of which was found a mummy, somehow learned about the medicinal properties of eucalyptus oil!

For the first time the eucalyptus was brought from Australia only in 1870 by the German botanist Muller.