Time to travel. Part 2

For more than 40 years, the Frenchman Joseph Carnel has been making his solo bicycle travel to remote corners of our planet. They gained a special scope after his retirement. Then he made the first three-year trip around the world with a length of 42000 km, followed by another 32000 km in two years. The third - ran through the islands of Madagascar, Mauritius, as well as Australia and Tahiti. There are more than 50 countries visas in his passport.

For more than 40 years, the Frenchman Joseph Carnel has been making his solo bicycle trips to remote corners of our planet. They gained a special scope after his retirement

Perhaps the reputation of the fidget champion has been earned by journalist Jacek Palkiewicz, who lives in Italy. Where did he just not visit during his travels!

In 1973, Palkevich made his first trip along the Yukon River basin in Canada, the route of which was inspired by the stories of his favorite writer, Jack London. The following year, he crossed the Sahara, and in 1975, alone, starting in Dakar, he crossed the Atlantic Ocean on a five-meter boat "Pati", without a radio, without instruments for determining coordinates, since he did not even then have enough funds to purchase. He received the Italian Journalists' Award for Flight of the Year.

Then the winds of distant wanderings carried him to the islands of Polynesia, to travel through the Amazon, Equatorial Africa, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, Vietnam, again to the Sahara and again to the Amazon full of mysterious secrets, along the Andaman Islands, through the impenetrable jungle islands of Kalimantan (Borneo), and in 1987 he climbed one of the highest peaks of the Himalayan mountains - the "eight-thousander" Annapurna. In 1988, Jacek PaƂkiewicz again travels along the Amazon, along its middle course, where tribes live in the impenetrable selva, who until now have not known the "benefits" of civilization.

Now Jacek Palkiewicz is widely known. After each of his expeditions, he publishes another book. In addition, its only educational institution in the world with the original name "survival school" is very popular. There is truly no end to those wishing to enter it, although the course of study is very concise and intense, designed for only a week, and costs a lot - about $500. Jacek, being both the director and the main teacher, teaches students how to get out of various trials that arise in difficult conditions of camp life, when you have to rely only on yourself. For example, how to find water in the desert, how to get fire without matches and a lighter, how to orient yourself accurately and go in the right direction, etc.

In 1989, the indefatigable traveler made his dream come true by making a winter trip across Siberia, from Yakutsk to Oymyakon, 1200 km long, 700 of which were on reindeer teams at a temperature of 45-53 degrees C below zero with access to the cold pole.

In a word, the whole life of J. Palkevich is an unfinished journey in search of new tribes, disappearing cultures and unique landscapes. Moreover, before becoming a journalist, he was a naval officer, a diamond prospector, a yacht captain, and a pilot. In 1975, he single-handedly crossed the Atlantic in a lifeboat.

The original cruise was made by 75-year-old Frantisek Rahmanovsky from the Czech city of Decin. After his retirement, the former riverman changed the ship to a tree trunk, on which in 1990 he sailed 2200 km along European rivers.

And this "journey" is worthy of registration in the "Guinness Book of Records" as a curious one. It was carried out in 1986 by the Indonesian Seiful Bahri on the island of Java. He overcame a distance of 800 km... moving backwards. Then, as the traveler admitted, for a long time he had to make a lot of efforts to walk like all people.

No less original was the "journey" of a certain Johann Hurlinger from Austria, who walked 1400 km from Vienna to Paris in 55 days... on his hands.

And finally, the same distance from the town of Aligarhado to Jamma (India)... 32-year-old Jagdish Chander crawled for 15 months.