Time to travel. Part 1

In addition to traveling around the world, some unusual and very interesting supermarathons of enthusiastic travelers should be noted. True, you can't count all of them, but, of course, it is necessary to mention them. The routes of their travels passed through different lands, both the duration and the ways of movement were different, but they are united by their irrepressible enthusiasm for changing places, the desire to learn about our planet. These people woke up every morning with only one thought that life is also beautiful because you can travel! So, come on, travel with them!

In addition to traveling around the world, some unusual and very interesting supermarathons of enthusiastic travelers should be noted. True, you can't count all of them, but, of course, it is necessary to mention them

One of these trips to all the islands of Indonesia (and at the last count there are 17508!) Was carried out by the Indonesian geography teacher Sabarik. Only in 1986, 17 years later (!) - at the age of 66 - the traveler returned to her home in Jakarta. During this time, she wore 70 pairs of shoes.

A long, almost 5000 km marathon in West Africa, from the capital of Algeria to the capital of the Republic of Ivory Coast - Abidjan, was carried out in 9 months by the spouses Gerard and Sylvia Vashe in 1985. At the same time, 41-year-old Gerard overcame the entire route by running, and Sylvia followed him on her bicycle. 1/4 of their way passed through the sands of the Sahara Desert, where at this time the heat, even at night, reached 40 gr. C, and in the afternoon in the shade 57 gr. C.

The bike ride across Latin America of two French travelers Christian Rolland and Evelyn Breshaut lasted four years. They started in Brazil on January 25, 1984, hoping to get to know more about the culture, traditions and way of life of Latin Americans. According to the travelers, they "discovered a whole world - little-known and not always understood by Europeans". They crossed the territory of 12 countries, having traveled over 40,5 thousand km, changing 30 sets of tires on the way.

Karnataka resident K. Balakrishna Rao crossed 22 Indian states and three neighboring countries to India in 4 years, making a journey with a total length of 71000 km. The purpose of this trip, which began in 1983, like the previous one, was to get to know better the culture, rituals and traditions of different peoples. At the same time, the traveler had to go through many dangerous adventures. Once, for example, Rao was captured by rebels from the Naga tribe, who are still trafficking in people in our time. But luckily he was freed by Indian soldiers. Then the traveler was robbed, and in the end - he fell into the hands of robbers, who are often still found in India. But, to their credit, when they learned about the noble goal of the tireless traveler, they immediately let him go.

Over 200000 km, that is, five equators, the Ukrainian traveler Valery Zaslavsky has ridden a bicycle in 25 years. He traveled all over Ukraine, crossed the territory from Kaliningrad to Chita and from Kushka to Murmansk, visited many European countries. The most difficult for him were travels in the Tien Shan and Pamir, when he had to overcome 15 mountain passes in 1985, as well as in 1991 from the city of Kushka through Krasnovodsk, Guryev, Astrakhan, Kiev. He has more than a hundred bike trips on his account.

An interesting journey along the Great Wall of China was made in two years (1984-1986) by three young enthusiasts from the Chinese city of Changchun. They covered 6450 km. As stated by Chinese scientists, the travelers made an invaluable contribution to the study of this gigantic monument of ancient architecture. They returned home with detailed expedition diaries and 7,000 photographs. Of particular value are photographs of more than a hundred previously unknown ancient inscriptions.

And in 1987 the Englishman William Lindsay for 74 days, not counting rest breaks, jogged along the main section of the wall 3460 km long. During this time, he worn out 3 pairs of sports shoes.

The Englishman George Meagain became the first person who managed to cross all of America from south to north. The former captain of the British merchant fleet single-handedly walked 35213 km from the southernmost Argentine town of Ushuaia on the southern coast of Tierra del Fuego on the southern coast of Tierra del Fuego to Prudhoe Bay on the Arctic coast of Alaska in less than 7 years, from January 26, 1977 to September 18, 1983. His achievement is registered in the Guinness Book of Records.

Talking about his trip to the Geography Department of New York University, Meigen noted: "If it were not for the support of ordinary people - Argentine gauchos, Peruvian Indians, Mexican peasants, Canadian farmers, I probably would not have been able to carry out what I had planned to the end. they shared with me a piece of bread and shelter. I am deeply grateful to them for everything".

Many people in groups and alone reached the North Pole, but the first among them, perhaps, should be considered the Japanese Naomi Uemuru. He described this trip in 1978 in the book "One on One with the North".