The topaz

The topaz is a semiprecious stone, a mineral with a hardness of 8 and a density of 3,49-3,60 g/cm3. In the Middle Ages it was believed that if food and drink contained poison, topaz certainly change its color. Not surprisingly, these stones are often decorated with expensive cups. Of course, it's all fiction. The topaz is painted in pink, yellow, cherry, yellow and golden tone. There are colorless and yellow rocks with a characteristic opalescent. It looks nice so-called polychrome topaz, in which one part can be blue, and the other - a cherry color. There are also bluish stones. From a chemical standpoint, this consists of mineral compounds of aluminum, silicon and fluorine. Topaz is one of the minerals to determine the relative hardness - the Mohs scale (Mohs hardness scale).

Topaz (in the foreground Golden Polesie (5,380 kg),

Topazes (in the foreground the "Golden Polesie" (5,380 kg), "Fairy Tale" (2,810 kg), Fersman (2,110 kg), vertical crystal - 12,10 kg).

The name topaz was the ancient name of the island Topazos (now Saint Johns) in the Red Sea. According to another version, the modern word topaz is derived from the Sanskrit tapas - "fire", "flame", "warm".

In ancient times it was believed that Topaz is stone of a defense against madness and evil eyes; topaz contributes to exposing secrets, gives beauty to women, and men prudence. In the ancient world believed in the healing properties of this stone and believed that it helps with insomnia.

Topazes faceted

Topazes faceted.

The topaz is a typical mineral greisens and granite pegmatites. Some fluorine enriched granites formed directly from molten magma. In rare species ongonites topaz can play uncharacteristic for him the role of rock-forming minerals. It is also found in the gravel placers.

The topaz is mined in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Burma, India and Mongolia. The most expensive are considered pinkish-yellow Brazilian stones, they are also called the Imperials. Price of polished stone comes to 100-300 dollars per carat. Topaz is recommended to wear those born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio.