Ural is the richest source of stone. On the docks of the Volga, on large stations along the path of the Siberian Express has long sold products from Ural stones. Among them there were a lot of cheap products from copper slag, a simple glass or dyed agate. The major share of this product gave the Urals.

Ural is the richest source of stone

Ural stone wealth were revealed craftsmen, self-taught, who have been removed from the earth gems. The same farmers were established numerous workshops, which numbered in the hundreds in the surrounding factories of the Urals. In the famous district Murzinka mined dark amethysts, acquires a bloody shade of the electric light, colorless topaz and bluish. The granite veins Urals met the beautiful smoky quartz crystals up to 20 kg. I met here and beautiful cherry-pink tourmaline, which the French called the 18th century "siberitom" and that transparency and beauty of tone can not compete neither tourmaline world.

Malachite is one of the favorite and own characteristic stones of the Urals. Once out of the mines and Mednorudyanska Gumeshevska been removed several thousand pounds of beautiful light green and dark green of this stone. Pieces of malachite sawn on the plate a few millimeters thick. Then these plates were recruited on marble or metal, according to the figure of stone, with an almost imperceptible fitted seams. It gave the impression of a single stone. In this way Master stones huge tables, bowls, vases. We admire the huge vases of these stones in the halls of the Hermitage.

Orlets is the second stone, which can be proud of the Urals. Orlets or "Rodon" is painted in a cherry-pink color. The main advantage of this stone is a combination of different shades of cherry pink color with black spots and winding veins. Orlets used mainly in large products: bowls, vases, candelabra.

Jasper is the third group of semi-precious stones, which keeps the Urals. This dense rocks perfectly polished host. Some of jasper different uniform gray-green, gray-blue, red or yellow flowers. Other Jasper consist of strips of red, green, yellow and other colors. Finally, the most wonderful variegated jasper, which has an extraordinary diversity of color and variety. Products made of jasper Urals have long been the object of universal admiration.