The Pyramid of Cheops

The highest pyramid of Ancient Egypt is the pyramid of Cheops. For five thousand years, it is the most amazing building, preserved from the ancient world. Pyramid of Khufu has a height of almost 150 meters, and its base covers an area of 40000 square meters. It is composed of 200 rows of giant stones. It would be strange if such a huge structure erected for one purpose, to serve as tombs for the country's ruler. Therefore, some researchers hypothesized. It does not unfold the mystery of the pyramid from the ratio of its size. Some amazing relationships shows that the priests, the heads of works on construction, have a sound knowledge of mathematics and astronomy. This knowledge embodied the pyramid of Cheops.

The highest pyramid of Ancient Egypt is the pyramid of Cheops

The Greek historian Herodotus, who visited Egypt in 300 BC, tells us that the priests taught him the relationship between the side of the base of the pyramid of Cheops and its height. Square was built at the height of the pyramid, is exactly equal to the area of each of the side triangles. This is fully confirmed by the latest measurements.

In addition, if you add up the four sides of the base of the pyramid of Cheops, we will get to bypass its 931,22 m. Dividing this number by the same twice the height (2x148,208), we obtain as a result of 3,1416. This ratio of the circumference to the diameter. Cheops Pyramid represents, therefore, the material embodiment of the number "pi".

Yet another surprising correlation. If the direction of the base of the pyramid of Cheops divided on the exact length of a year 365,2422 days, it turns out just 10 million, I share the earth's axis. This accuracy can be the envy of modern astronomers...

The height of the pyramid of Cheops is exactly billionth of the distance from Earth to the sun. This value has become known European science only in the late 18th century. Egyptians 5000 years ago knew is, what does not yet know of any contemporary of Galileo and Kepler, nor scientists Newton era.