Painful techniques

Boxing England Punching above the belt
Clasic struggle (Greco-Roman) France Prohibited receptions aimed at the opponent's legs, as well as painful and those that stifle.
Freestyle Wrestling France Allowed any methods, except for pain and those that are suffocating.
Sambo USSR In the sports section - bans and finger grips are prohibited; in combat - there are no restrictions.
Judo Japan In the sports - the pain receptions on the feet are forbidden, those that stifle, and painful techniques are allowed.
Karate-do Japan The main technique is shock, hard.
Aikido Japan The main principle - love of the enemy, created to protect.
TaeKwonDo Korea The main technique - kicking, designed to protect.
Vietcundo Vietnam It looks like Wushu.
Jitcundo USA The system created by Bruce Lee, the basic principle is the rationality of movements.
Jiu-jitsu Japan 40% - shock technique, 60% - throwing, 2700 receptions from 3000 - deadly.
Ninjutsu Japan The secret sport of Japanese ninja spies and hired killers.
Sumo Japan The opponent must push the other out of the circle or force the floor to tear out any upper part of the body.
Chidaoba Georgia A peculiar throw technique.
Capoeira Congo Unusual movements, stylized for dance, invented by slaves.
Wushu (kung fu) China Approximately 400 styles with a variety of techniques.
Bandizandon Mongolia Occurs from Wushu is a Tibetan variety.
Catch USA Fight without rules, show.