Chemists joke

  • D.I. Mendeleev discovered 40-degree vodka. Then he opened a 27-degree "Port". And only in the morning the great scientist discovered that they should not be confused.

  • In the laboratory of organic chemistry the phrase "what are you driving?" takes on a different meaning.

  • An example of a movable one-piece connection is a junction on the nozzles.

  • Dismount all gouache

    On C2H5OH!

  • The sun shines brighter,

    And the landscape is more fun,

    When in your stomach C2H5OH.

  • The students are sleeping, and the professor

    Quietly bowed his head.

    A thin trickle pours from the desk

    Someone shed ether.

  • I'll be up early in the morning,

    I'll drink a mug of mercury

    And I'll go die

    In this institute!

  • In the morning I got up early from the couch,

    I do not like white light.

    Since I'm back again today

    Titrate tetraborate.

  • Rule Murphy: if nothing else helps, read the instructions at last. Consequence: if the credit does not give up, read, at last, the abstract!