Unexpected facts

In 1905, an unusual contest was held in Paris: three hundred participants competed in running at 300 m in height! The winner was a certain Forestier. It was the first to reach the top platform of the Eiffel Tower, breaking 729 steps in 3 minutes 12 seconds.

The carrying capacity of the supersonic Concorde airplane is 10,6 man-km per 1 liter of fuel

The weight of smoke, produced annually by the pipes of industrial enterprises of England alone, is 3 million tons!

The carrying capacity of the supersonic "Concord" aircraft is 10,6 man-kilometer per liter of fuel - exactly the same as in a six-seater American car. English transatlantic liner "Queen Elizabeth" with a full set of passengers is much inferior to "Concorde" 4,2 man-kilometer per 1 liter of fuel. The most economical means of passenger transport is the diesel train of twelve cars: 230 man-km per 1 liter of fuel.

The highest building of the ancient world for several millennia was considered the pyramid of Cheops 146,6 m. Only in 1548 in England they built the Lincoln Cathedral, the spire of which was 14 meters above the famous pyramid.

The greatest depth of the World Ocean - in the Mariana Trench area, not far from Japan 11,03 km. If a heavy stone is thrown from a ship, it will fall to the bottom for more than an hour.

A regular school pencil can hold a continuous line of 56 km in length.