Geologists are joking

  • The glacial relief is formed as a result of glacier crawling through the territory.

  • Faction is a part of the body that differs from one layer or another in one way or another.

  • After strong winter and spring storms and showers the banks come into motion and subside only in hot summer and dry autumn.

  • The purpose of geology is to study deeply Earth.

  • Agricultural land grows on Earth, therefore, geology has a direct bearing on agriculture.

  • A person uses various geological processes to make money, for example, leading people on excursions to caves...

  • "Found a boy, brought up by stalactites: he slowly grows on the ceiling and drips on all".

  • Did you know that... all dinosaurs were the same, just different paleontologists collected them in different ways.

  • Recently in the Dnipro region a new mine was opened. And traditionally threw a cat there. She scribbled the first three tons of coal.

  • Do not think that mineral resources are only cheese and mineral water.