Bear on the scales!

Bear on the scales?.. It's real! For example, a polar bear needs to be weighed at times. This is required, for example, for researchers who study the life and habits of a club-footed inhabitant of the polar regions. But what kind of scales are suitable for such an operation, and how to lure the beast upon them?

A bear on the scales? .. It's real!

US scientists have adapted to use for weighing polar bears a helicopter on which spring scales are installed. Of course, first the bear is euthanized by a special sleeping pill. And then everything is simple. The predator is placed on a special platform, and it is attached to the cable connected to the scales of the helicopter. The car slightly rises, the cable pulls the spring of the weights, and the sleeping bear is weighed.

Bears, incidentally, are different and their weight is also different. For example, a cub of a polar bear at birth has a mass from 500 to 750 grams. As for the adult male, its weight is around 400 - 450 kg with a body length up to 2,5 m. The American black bear has a small weight, namely 70-113 kg. But as an exception, some reach a weight of up to 300 kg. Newborn baby, a black bear weighs from 170 to 280 grams. As for the weight of a brown bear, it varies from 80 to 600 kg, depending on the place of residence. The largest brown bear is found in Kamchatka and Alaska. On the island of Kodiak for the Berlin Zoo, the largest predator of this individual weighing 1134 kilograms was caught! Big panda is found in the western provinces of China. The average size of this bear is 1,65 m, and the weight varies from 70 to 125 kg.