A metropolitan

A metropolitan in Moscow was opened in 1935, in Leningrad - in 1955, in Kyiv - in 1960, in Tbilisi - in 1966, in Baku - in 1967, in Kharkov - in 1975.

The Metropolitan in Kyiv was opened in 1960, in Tbilisi - 1966, in Baku - 1967, in Kharkov - 1975

The metropolitan of Pyongyang is considered the deepest in the world. Its tunnels and stations are at a depth of one hundred meters or more.

The shortest subway in the world in Istanbul. It was opened in 1874. Its length is only 610 meters, it has only two stations. However, this does not prevent the Istanbul Metro from transporting 7 to 12 million people a year.

The meaning of the word "underground" and the conventional abbreviation "metro" was acquired in Paris. In order for the city not to be dependent on the national administration of the railways, it was decided to create a separate company, which was named the Paris Company of the Metropolitan Railroad (metro) in the French metropolitan language had a common meaning "metropolitan"). Gradually, the words "underground" and "metro" acquired the importance of the urban extra-railroad in general in French, and then in that capacity they came to other languages (including Russian).

On January 9, 1863, after a solemn banquet organized by Metropolitan Railways, 700 people were accommodated on open platforms for the transport of livestock and set out on their journey. At the end station of the smoky passengers was met by the orchestra: the world's first metro on steam traction entered service. Despite the soot and smoke in which the passengers were choking, in the first year the subway transported almost 9,5 million people. Only on November 4, 1890, the first electrified metro line was opened in London, but steam locomotives were used before 1903.