The smallest scooter

Indeed, in the United States mounted the smallest scooter in the world. In assembled form, it fits easily in a small suitcase. The weight of the smallest scooter is 12 kg. The engine of 23 cm³ can carry a 72-kilogram passenger at a speed of 35 km/h.

In the United States mounted the world's smallest scooter

Motorroller or scooter (from scooter to scoot, run off, give a dope) is a kind of light motorcycle that has a more comfortable fit due to a recess with a foot pad, and also a developed tail unit protecting the rider and the parts scooter from dirt. The motor scooter is usually located under the seat, and the wheels have a reduced diameter.

The smallest motorcycle in the world 6,5 cm in height and 11,5 cm in length was designed by Swede Tom Wyberg, who managed to drive it only 11 meters. The motorcycle is driven by an airplane engine with a capacity of 0,29 hp running on ethyl alcohol. The maximum speed is 2 km/h, the mass without fuel is 1,1 kg.

The motorcycle does not have brakes and suspension, and under a heavy load the car creaks violently, but is confidently moving forward.