(goddess of arts and sciences, the daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne)

  1. Erato (love poetry)
  2. Euterpe (music)
  3. Calliope (epic poetry)
  4. Cleo (history)
  5. Melpomena (tragedy)
  6. Polyhymnia (song)
  7. Terpsichore (dances)
  8. Waist (comedy)
  9. Urania (astronomy)

Muses are in the ancient Greek mythology of the goddess of arts and sciences. From the music comes the word "music", originally denoting not only music, but also any art or science related to the activity of the muses. The mosques were dedicated to temples, which were called museion (from this word and there was a "museum").

One of the first mentions of muses in literature is in the Iliad and Odyssey.