Artificial islands

According to forecasts, in England, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland and many other European countries in the near future there will be an acute shortage of land for the construction of new enterprises. One way to eliminate the deficit of land is artificial islands. Today there are more than a hundred of them in the world. These are steel platforms for oil and gas extraction, and giant barges, such as the one on which the Japanese timber processing plant was shipped to Brazil, and former liners used as hotels. Leadership in the design and construction of the most original artificial islands is held by the Japanese. However, recently European projects began to appear. In accordance with them, such artificial islands will accommodate not only oil and gas and coal production and processing enterprises, but also hospitals that require silence, and noisy airfields, so as not to occupy a useful land area.

One way to eliminate the deficit of land is artificial islands

A group of Dutch researchers, for example, developed a project to create an artificial island in the North Sea with a total area of 5000 hectares next to a large underwater oil field. On such an artificial island will be built petrochemical enterprises, with a capacity of 50 million tons of oil products per year. The island (it is supposed to be poured from sand) will have the shape of an ellipse or circle, so that the action of the sea waves on it is minimal. Communication with the mainland will be carried out with the help of helicopters.