New solutions

What to do with the dusting waste of coal mines? How to use them? These issues are solved in different ways. In Hungary, for example, the "Haldex" system has been developed, which makes it possible to extract 80000 tons of coal from 0,5 million tons of coal per year. The extracted coal is turned into dust, mixed with fuel oil and burned in the boiler plants of power plants and plants. The remaining empty rock also comes into play. Empty rock is used in road construction. Lime is sent to cement plants, and clay - to factories for the production of bricks and tiles.

What to do with the dusting waste of coal mines?

In large cities, the streets are so crowded with transport that it is often impossible to get out of the parking lot. Japanese designers have created a mini-car of fiberglass, which, together with a full tank weighs only 50 kg. Such a car owner can move to the roadway on his hands. The new small car is equipped with a motorcycle engine, which allows to develop a speed of 60 km/h.

On urban highways, debris often accumulates around curb stones. Brushes of garbage trucks can not extract it from there. To ensure the ideal cleanliness of streets in Strasbourg, a three-wheeled motorcycle with a motor capacity of 14 hp was used from. Installed on it the device for dust suction allows you to remove debris from any, most secluded corners.