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American scientists have investigated: do we say a lot? It turned out, on average, an hour a day, for life - two and a half years. And if we write down what we say, then exactly 1000 volumes of 400 pages each will be obtained.

American scientists have investigated: do we say a lot?

In Ohio, it is forbidden to carry passengers on the roof of a taxi. In Quiland, you can shoot at neighbor chickens, provided that neighbors living within a radius of 15 meters do not object to shooting. In New York, it is strictly forbidden to doze off in an armchair at the hairdresser during shaving.

Residents of Obihiro, in the north of Japan, to surprise the guests of the city, built the world's longest bench in the city park. Its length is 400 meters, on it can sit at the same time a thousand people.

The inhabitants of the tropics eat very peculiarly. In the Philippines, snake soup, stewed bats, boiled crocodiles eggs, fried field mice are running... Scientists at the University of Manila, comparing these dishes with food of Europeans, concluded: mice and snakes are much more nutritious.