Did you know?

The word "kaolin" originated from the Kaoliang area (China), where white clay was first produced for the production of porcelain.

The word rosin originated from the ancient Greek town of Kolofon in Asia Minor

The word "rosin" originated from the ancient Greek town of Kolofon in Asia Minor.

The name of the old crew of the four-seater with the ascending top "Landau" originated from the German city of Landau, where in the 18th century crews of this type were manufactured.

The word "headlight" comes from the name of the island of Pharos in Egypt, famous in ancient times for its lighthouse.

Many, using cologne, do not suspect about its etymological relationship to the city of Cologne, and in fact cologne in the translation from German "Cologne water".

Poisoning mustard gas mustard, synthesized by Academician N. Zelinsky, was used as a combat poisoning substance for the first time in the combat situation under the Belgian city of Ypres, hence its name.

The soporific "Veronal" comes from the Italian city of Verona.

Many elements in the periodic system of Mendeleev were named after cities: lutetium - in honor of Paris, which in ancient times was called Lutetia; hafnium - in honor of Copenhagen, holmium - in honor of Stockholm.