Eye color

Are the color of the person's eyes and his character related to each other? Some psychologists have recently been inclined to believe that this is so. The statistics lead to the idea that people with a dark eye color are stubborn, hardy, but with difficulties, danger, crisis, they become too irritable, quick-tempered and passionate. They are more impulsive and temperamental: if they occupy a leading position, they offend subordinates at the slightest section. At the same time, when there are unexpected obstacles, a quick and accurate solution for a given moment. People with dark eyes do not tolerate routines and, if they can not overcome it, are ready to give up their work.

Are the color of the person's eyes and his character related to each other?

People who have gray eyes are always persistent and resolute, but at the same time helpless before routine tasks that do not require special mental tension.

The light brown color of the eyes speaks to the closed-mindedness and individualism. People with such eyes can easily cope with monotonous activities, but they can not stand to be commanded, and usually work better when they give themselves to themselves.

The blue color of the eyes speaks of endurance, but of sentimentality. Such people are usually gloomy, oppressed, as they say, mood people, often angry.

Green eye color, that such people belong to the happiest category - stable, imaginative, resolute, know their capabilities. They are focused and patient, they find a way out of any situation. Humane and strict, but fair. They are difficult to cause a state of affect. Excellent listeners and interlocutors. Specialists point to them as an ideal type of leader. These observations are also confirmed during experiments with children. Some researchers believe that communication is the color of the eyes and behavior exists in animals.