The adhesive force

The adhesive force holding the particles of the physical body at a certain distance from each other. The particles have a resistance when they are separated. Solids have a very large force of adhesion of the particles. However, the adhesion of the particles have liquids. For example, a spilled drop of the mercury does not break down on a table or glass. It takes a spherical shape. Connect two of these particles, and you get one big, spherical drop. Soap bubbles retain their shape for some time because there is a force of adhesion between particles soapy water.

The adhesive force holding the particles of the physical body at a certain distance from each other

Scientists have long realized that the degree of interaction between the solid surface and the liquid depends on the solid surface. Liquid phase formed unsatisfactory layer on the untreated glass surfaces. In this case, the adhesive force in the liquid is greater than the adhesive force between the fluid and the glass surface. As a result, the liquid rests on the surface of the individual sections and drops.

Make the following experiment. Put on the table a pile of sand. Then pour a little water in the saucer. Now blow with equal force to the sand, and then on the surface of the water. Although the sand is much heavier than water, you will blow the sand more easily than the water. It would seem that the wind would be much easier to uplift the water spray than the sand. The relatively light wind raises clouds of sand in the desert. But a great storm at sea raises much less splash. The adhesive force between the water particles is greater than the force of adhesion between the sand particles.

For the same reason, it is difficult to pour water from a bottle or a bottle with a narrow neck. The adhesive force of the water particles in the thin glass tubes is so high that the air can not break into the tube and expel water therefrom. To pour the water out of the tubes they should be shaking.

In conclusion, we note that the genes located in the same chromosome, inherited as linked genes, and the adhesive force depends on the distance between them.