Ball lightning

Ball lightning is the mysterious and inexplicable phenomenon, the nature of which is still unclear. A rare phenomenon that is familiar to mankind for thousands of years, is still not solved science. But the ball lightning - it is such a phenomenon. It behaves unpredictably. It passes freely through the glass, then it walks through the air like the wind, and against it, it flies into the room from an AC outlet.

Ball lightning is the mysterious and inexplicable phenomenon, the nature of which is still unclear

Sometimes ball lightning behaves mischievously. The talk about its tricks had neither the time nor the place. In total, the scientists collected thousands of descriptions of ball lightning, which differ from each other. Often ball lightning flies in the house. At all times, she always got in the tanks, jerry cans and buckets with water and it caused boiling their contents. It is well known that the ball lightning by exploding can cause great destruction.

Professor Goodlet defined energy density of ball lightning. Knowing the approximate volume - about 1 liter and taking an average density of 0,01 g/cm3, he found that the ball lightning has a mass 10 g. Ball lightning has a typical mass in the range of 0,5 - 50 g. Its energy density was 100 kWxh or 360 MJ/kg. That is, a ball lightning hundreds and thousands of times more effective than the best electrochemical batteries!

Attention is drawn two opposing hypotheses. According to the first of these, the ball lightning - a special compound of nitrogen and oxygen, the interaction energy which is spent for its existence.

Unfortunately, these compounds could not be established chemists. Renowned physicist Frenkel, a supporter of the first hypothesis held that the ball lightning - a spheroid vortex mixture of dust particles or smoke with reactive (due to electrical discharge) gases. Indeed, ball lightning appears mainly in the electrical discharge in the dusty air and leaves behind a smoke with a pungent smell. Some researchers argue that ball lightning is nothing but a chemiluminescent education, which is also observed in the dusty air. All the lightning energy is inside of it.

The point of view that such a fireball expressed Academician Kapitsa. He believes that the ball lightning which is thousands of times longer than the estimated time, powered by radio waves coming from the outside, preferably a length of 35-70 cm. The explosion is due to abrupt cessation of supply of energy (for example, if changes dramatically frequency of electromagnetic vibrations). However, radio waves in the range of 35-70 cm, appearing as a result of atmospheric discharges modern radios are not fixed yet.

Mystery ball lightning will remain unsolved until the fireball is not obtained artificially. It is possible that, having achieved this, a person will have perhaps the most capacious battery power!