The refrigerator

The refrigerator is the most economical and environmentally friendly oven (for example, for home heating). Refrigerator, better non-motorized (it is called - absorption refrigerator). Here is how to make sure that the refrigerator can operate as a furnace.

The refrigerator is the most economical and environmentally friendly oven

The appliance must be split: the motor, the compressor and the heat exchanger - one node, and an evaporator - the other connected to the first long copper tubes. Thus freezer can, for example, put on a kitchen, the power unit with a heat exchanger in a cupboard.

After some time, the temperature in the kitchen will be lower than in other rooms. Where is the heat exchanger will be a real sauna. If removed from the freezer products to lay the new (especially bottles of beer and water), the heat exchanger will literally become hot.

If you start cooling the refrigerator heat exchanger, for example, the blower, the products in the freezer will cool faster. Especially much cooler heat exchanger started to freeze if hung on him a wet towel.

If you put the cooler heat exchanger in a tub of cold water, it quickly heats up. The energy consumption for water heating using heat exchanger of the refrigerator is several times smaller than the boiler.

You can do a number of useful conclusions.

The first conclusion: in order to cool the refrigerator is better place heat exchanger in the coolest place apartments, blown it by a fan, to warm of cold water with its help. In the heat exchanger of the refrigerator can dry wet towels, diapers, underwear, as well as mushrooms, fruits and others. Refrigerator will only work better.

The second conclusion. To heat an apartment, house, with help exchanger of the refrigerator, spending much less energy than a conventional electric heater, place the refrigerator evaporator (freezer) in a warm place.