"Space ghoul"

Due to the fact that the unknown attracts a person to him, he ascends to the mountains, descends to the bottom of the oceans, leaves the limits of his planet. But do not we invade someone's life with uninvited guests? And how can another mind react to our visit? It turns out that this reaction gave birth to one of the modern legends - the legend of the "space ghoul".

A space ghoul is connected with the failures of the automatic space stations exploring our neighbor - the planet Mars

A "space ghoul" is connected with the failures of the automatic space stations exploring our neighbor - the planet Mars. Recall that interest in Mars as a human-populated planet began to grow in the second half of the 19th century, when in 1877 astronomer J. Schiaparelli saw channels on Mars. After this, P. Lovell issued a book in which he attributed the emergence of channels to the Martians. And then there were the novels of H. Wells and E. Burroughs, who have not lost their readers to this day. In 1894, Pickering of the University of Harvard saw strange outbreaks on Mars. A few years later, Douglas from the Flagstaff Observatory observed a whole garland of lights on the surface of the Red Planet, arranged in a straight line several hundred kilometers long. And this was only the beginning - in the 20th century, the number of unexplained light effects observed on Mars exceeded several dozen.

It would seem that everything had to fall into place after flights to Mars of automatic interplanetary stations. But, as it turned out, everything was only more confused. And one of the culprits was the mysterious "space vampire". He then defends the planet and its secrets from annoying earthlings. And this conclusion is based on the fact that the programs of Martian research are performed no more than 30%. After the failure with the Mars-3 in 1971, when the landing module was lost immediately after landing, Soviet scientists sent five interplanetary stations Mars-4, 5, 6, 7 to the Red Planet. The "Mars-6" at the same time made a successful landing in 1974. Thus, here the "cosmic ghoul" was, you can say, kind. But during the second wave of Martian space research, which began in the late 80s of the 20th century, he struck unexpected blows. And the first of these was the very strange death of the Soviet stations "Phobos-1" and "Phobos-2" intended for studying the moons of Mars Phobos and Deimos. They started from the Earth in early July 1988 and moved to the goal without any special deviations. But on August 28, "Phobos-1" was lost, receiving an erroneous command from Earth, which was not immediately noticed. The orientation system disconnected, and the interplanetary station swam away in an unknown direction. "Phobos-2" arrived on the site in January 1989. And spent about three months researching both Phobos and Mars. But it was necessary to fulfill the main mission of the flight - to land on Phobos. On March 27, the device began to approach the satellite of Mars. Suddenly the connection was cut off - it is unknown why the on-board computer was damaged, as evidenced by the last distorted signals from the station, received before its final silence. What happened? - this question did not give rest to experts. However, everyone paid attention to a note in the central Soviet newspaper Izvestia that three days before the crash, Phobos-2 discovered an unknown spindle-shaped object of considerable size. Perhaps this was the same "space vampire"? Interestingly, the message about the object was not disputed, just the experts of the USSR's Glavkosmos considered it simply a deceit of sight. "Space ghoul" does not exist, and why the station died - is unknown.

As it turned out, the "cosmic ghoul" swallowed not its last victim. In 1993, the American station "Mars Observer" was lost. And also the connection with the device suddenly broke off. In 1998, the Japanese station Nozomi disappeared, in 1999 it crashed "Mars Climate Orbiter", followed by "Mars Polar Lander" and "Deep Space-2". And again in the corridors they began to talk about the "space ghoul".

But these failures did not stop a person. New, more sophisticated, interplanetary stations were sent to the Red Planet, are still in its orbit, and the rover transmits interesting images to Earth. "Space ghoul" has so far hidden and does not disturb the earthlings with the unexpected destruction of vehicles. Perhaps we have not yet approached the place where we can not get to. Or, perhaps, the "space ghoul" never existed? The question remains open.