The "candy" tree

It turns out candy... can grow on a tree. The tree is called "candy", and scientifically - hovenia dulcis. The "candy" tree can be found in the forests of tropical America, as well as on the Caucasian coast of the Black Sea. Its appearance the "candy" tree is like linden tree.

The candy tree can be found in the forests of tropical America, as well as on the Caucasian coast of the Black Sea

The "candy" tree can grow up to 10-20 m in height. It is quite decorative in appearance: a spreading crown, large glossy dark green leaves and clusters of small cream-colored flowers, blooming in July. Dry fruits grow on the ends fleshy stalks.

In the spring over the "candy" tree densely swarming bees, because its flowers are very rich in the nectar. If at the end of autumn the "candy" tree was good trotted out of his thick rain will fall "candy" - gray, dried pods, which contain up to 47% sugar and tastes like raisins.

First fruits of the "candy" tree have a bright yellow color. After maturation they are ruby-red. The fruits can be oval or intricately bent. They are very fragrant and have a sweet-sour taste. In addition, the fruits of the "candy" tree has brilliant shell, which further makes them look like real candy. They can be eaten fresh, out of which you can cook the jam or marmalade. Besides fruits of the "candy" tree used for cooking stewed fruit, candied fruit, natural juices, various liqueurs. From sugar of hovenia dulcis manufactures beverage such as the beer. The "candy" tree has medicinal properties that have been appreciated in the Tibetan monasteries.

The healing properties of fruits of the "candy" tree due to their content of a large number of substances that prevent oxidative processes in the body. They regenerate damaged cells and promote the excretion of harmful toxic substances. The berries are very much ascorbic, malic acids and vitamins.

Useful substances the "candy" tree contained not only berries, but its leaves. They cure anemia, resolves blood clots, help to restore the elasticity of blood vessels.

The "candy" tree is not only useful, but also very beautiful. It's beautiful in all seasons. During flowering tree is decorated with fragrant golden inflorescence. Autumn tree literally blazing purple, yellow and purple leaves. "Candy" trees are very appreciated - of which are manufactured in the Caucasus musical instruments and beautiful furniture.