The quetzal

The quetzal is one of the most interesting birds in Central America. This bird has a golden-green back with red breast and fluffy tuft. Many of these beautiful birds living in the territory of a small Latin American country of Guatemala and southern Mexico.

The quetzal is one of the most interesting birds in Central America

The quetzal flight makes such a strong impression that the ancient Mayans considered very lucky to see this bird.

In ancient times a quetzal was considered a sacred bird. His feathers golden green valued more than gold. They are allowed to wear only the chiefs and priests. The word "quetzal" is translated from the Aztec language means "beautiful" or "precious". In those days, without feathers quetzal not made decorations of palaces and royal crowns. To this day, this bird is called "flying treasure".

As if realizing the incredible value of its feathers, the quetzal building the nest, making two entries in it in order not to crush the royal feathers. Through one entry he "comes" and the other is his exit.

The quetzal is famous not only for its beauty. This, above all, freedom-loving bird. No one has seen him in the captivity. They say that once one of the presidents of Guatemala wanted to quetzal lived in the captivity. When a flower with the quetzal brought to the presidential palace, they saw that the bird is dead.

The quetzal can not live in the captivity, so it represents for the Guatemalans love of the freedom. As a kind of a symbol of the freedom, the freedom-loving birds image adorns the coat of arms and flag of the State of Guatemala. In honor of this bird the second largest city is named Quetzaltenango. Even money this small republic decorated with the image of a magnificent bird and called ketsana.

Unfortunately, because of the constant destruction of the local mountain forests, the population of the quetzal decreases annually. It is clear that the quetzal in Guatemala under the protection of the law.