Rafflesia is the biggest flower on earth. It grows in the tropical jungles of Sumatra island. Rafflesia has more than 1 meter in diameter and weighs about a peck. Rafflesia has five huge and thick red petals, which are covered with white warts.

Rafflesia is the biggest flower on earth. It grows in the tropical jungles of Sumatra island

Rafflesia - parasitic plant. It does not have its own roots, stem, leaves and feed exclusively on plant juices, to the roots which attach. Rafflesia buds, no more Greek walnut, are growing rapidly and very soon will melt like a head of white cabbage. When they burst and bloom, it is difficult to pass and not notice the flower. In addition, the Rafflesia makes itself felt not only by its size, but also a very disgusting smell of rotten meat. This scent lures to his Rafflesia insects, especially flies and beetles that feed on any rot. Clouds of insects constantly hover over the Rafflesia and stuck to it. Therefore, this flower is also called "luxury parasite".

Grows Rafflesia on elephant trails, densely covered with pus of these animals, which are the main carriers of its seeds. Interestingly, the Rafflesia has very small seeds. They are virtually invisible to the naked eye.

Rafflesia first found and described in 1818 by German botanist Zh.Arnoldi during his trip to Sumatra, along with the governor of the East India Company T.Raflezom. Arnoldi was unable to return to their homeland. Unhealthy atmosphere swampy jungle explorer undermined health. Two weeks after its opening, he died.

T.Rafleza returned to Europe with a large collection of plants. Among them was the Rafflesia. In honor of both travelers scientists called the largest on the globe flower Rafflesia Arnoldi.